Thursday, January 22, 2009

Eli's Birthday!

My little baby turned 3! I really can't believe it! Eli is a very sweet natured little soul! He loves his trucks, books and race cars! He is still very atached to his "bubick" and it is getting kind of dingy!! luckily ma-ma made us a new one!! Eli is a very stubborn child and likes things his way!! But he amazes me everyday with how much he is learning and how sweet he is! I have been very sick with this pregnancy and Eli will come up to me after I have been sick and say, "ohh  hunny.. are you ok" VERY SWEET!! He loves to sing and dance! Music class is one of our favorite things during the week! We are having a hard time wanting to eat ANYTHING~ right now, I hear it is a phase....will it end?? 
For Eli's party I wanted to have it at our fire station but they don't have parties...maybe next year we will have a big party...this year I was just glad to be able to get off the couch..not vomit... and have a mostly clean house!! Eli's little friends came over, played games, ate cake and had a blast! Happy Birthday Eli! We love you!!


Sorry for the long delay....Christmas season this year was wonderful! As always super fast! Eli was a perfect age to know what was going on and enjoy it! We had a blast making cookies and gifts for everyone!