Thursday, April 14, 2011


As I am sitting here with Mia on my lap watching Eli play Mario Kart, that he mastered in the 3 days I was gone, I am happy! I had such a great time visiting with some of my favorite people! I love to fly, when it goes smoothly, but honestly how often does that happen? Well the flight out to CA was not only on time, but everyone was friendly and we arrived in LA EARLY?! My dad picked me up from the airport and we went to dinner. It was so nice to spend some time with him. My hotel was downtown Hollywood across from the Roosevelt Hotel, my room was nice and the bed was so comfy! My interview on Tuesday I feel went well. I love the job and feel it would be a great fit for me! My last interview was cancelled due to an emergent surgery, so I was able to get out a good 45 mins early, JUST as Jolene was pulling into the hospital parking lot! So we picked up my bags and drove down to the OC! Had amazing fish tacos and GREAT conversation- I heart her and her family! I love being in California, the sunshine and beautiful scenery of CA, it just feels like home. The flight home was delayed an hour and we sat on the tarmac for sometime, but I made it home! My husband is so amazing to even consider this crazy idea! I love him for being willing to uproot our lives here to relocate to the West! We will see! They are interviewing 3 other candidates so I will find out hopefully soon!! I have left it up to fate, if we are intended to move I will find a job and things will fall into place. As I see it now, I was given an amazing opportunity to interview for a prestigious nationally recognized program position and have a mini vacation!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lacking motivation....need a change

Hello dear friends, sorry for the lack of motivation and blog posts! I am just not feeling it lately! Us here at the good ole Jackson household like to shake life up every now and then, usually once we get settled somewhere and RE-do.... I have really been questioning what I want to do with myself. I LOVE being with my children, they bring me so much joy. BUT... lately I feel like I am lacking something for myself, I know selfish right? I have this wonderful education that I worked hard to get AND paid to get.. and would like to use it. I miss feeling like I am contributing, financially to our family when I could! My children are so well adapted and social! Mia loves being around other kids and thrives on it! Mr. Eli is starting school in August and can't wait!! So I feel like it's time for me to go BACK to work...ok back to working outside the home!! Well anywho...this is such a personal, emotional, hard, frustrating decision! I am a huge believer that things happen for a reason...and that if I am open to change and inspiration that all things will fall into place to make it happen...I feel I am so unhappy with our current situation and my kids suffer...I miss working...again I know selfish.. SO I applied for a local job that was posted and seemed..ok..not a position I would LOVE but would work... low and behold that position was filled and wouldn't have worked anyway...BUT that next day a recruiter from Children's Hospital of LA found my resume( I wasn't actively looking for any jobs except the local one) and would LOVE for me to apply to an AMAZing opportunity in LA!! CRAZY..right? Well I said..ok why not? The job is ME what I love to do and it's just a CRAZY story! So I went to my WONDERFUL husband and was what would you think about moving to LA!!! keep in mind that is where I am from, my roots, some of my most favorite people still live there...although we would be leaving SOOO many loves here too. He was like hmmm CA is $$$ so as i was talking to the hospital they offered me a number that would make $$$ CA doable! So he was in and is now so super excited for the challenge!! He is so supportive of me and wants me to be happy! So I am flying out to CA sometime next week!