Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Im GOING to do it!

I have struggled with my last 15lbs since Miss M's delivery.. 2 yes TWO years ago.   Well that weight is comin off!! My 10 year nursing reunion is coming up in a few weeks and I am determined to START the process...come on I am a realist and realize 15 lbs is just NOT going to happen in  a few weeks...but 5- 8 can happen! I have given up drinking alcohol during the week, continue to exercise daily...yesterday I RAN..yup...and I actually enjoyed it! :) and limit what I eat, smaller portions and limit the majority of carbs....so far so good...wish me luck!

Any goals you want to work on?!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Trials of a picky eater!!

don't these look yuummmy? from here
As one of 11 siblings I NEVER thought being picky even existed! We all sat down to dinner and just ate! We never questioned and my mother NEVER made separate meals for each child-could you imagine! Now I do remember my sister not wanting her food to touch each other ... but she dealt with it or just didn't eat!
   When E was a baby he would eat ANYthing! I often roast fresh veggies and mashed into my own baby food, he loved avocados and asparagus and humus! Now urggghh...how did this happen? Did I allow it? Does he really just not like it? Is he eating too many snacks and just not hungry?! I don't know... it's frustrating and actually to be quite petty it hurts my feelings! I work hard to feed my family healthy, yummy food. I put a lot of effort into each most dinners I make! I know it's not personal and I try not to take it so...but it's hard! Just another issue to add to the list, "never thought it would be this hard"
  SOOooo as a team the hubs and I are determined to work this out while maintaining our sanity! Here are some ground rule we, as a family, agree on
1. there will be one meal at dinner PERIOD2.
2. you have to take one bite of everything on your plate
3. there will be no snacks after dinner, unless you want apple slices or more of dinner
4. no snacks in afternoon after 330.  E is usually hungry after school so I will give him a cup of water with grapes and a few pretzels, popcorn or goldfish
6. There is a time limit
7. You will not get dessert if you don't eat a designated amount of veggies or protein

Today I read a great article from 100 days of real food blog regarding picky eaters! I loved it, it is sometimes reassuring to know that not every child out there will eat mushroom risotto with side of eggplant parm! Although my little miss m would! ANyway.. I love how she suggested letting the child pick out fruits and veggies at the farmers market for that week! Little man E and I usually have out weekly date at our local farmers market,
 so this would be a great tip to try! I also am going to try and offer more exciting foods to him, such as her whole wheat pasta
and homemade chicken nuggets!
the kids love to make their own mini pizzas with my homemade english muffin recipe 

We don't eat gourmet nightly but maybe if I have some foods that "look" like the foods he seems to love so much MAYBE he will cross over! :) We also have eliminated almost all processed food and don't have mac n cheese or chicken nuggets in our house...
I also think that I would like to offer Chris and I a night of yummy grown up food, I will do a leftover night for the kiddos and make something like this for The hubs and I once the kids are asleep!

Thanks for allowing me to vent!! :) Enjoy the weekend! Here is a yummy fall inspired meal to leave you on!! 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I am lovin..yarn wrapped wreaths tutorial

I know EVERYONe is in love with yarn wrapped wreaths with felt flowers! I know I have I have! So one of my great friends and I decided to have a crafty-friend day! 
 supplies needed.. 1.wreath I liked the straw wreath and kept the wrapping on 2. yarn-any color, kind 3.felt, I also bought some pre-cut felt leaves-with 5 kids in the house during the project I was thinking quick! They were easy to duplicate! 4. glue gun and glue! 5.buttons for extra pop
 a little wii time
just cuz she is so cute!

 start by wrapping..and wrapping it is time consuming!!
 we took a time out from wrapping to add the fun stuff the flowers!  For the tutorial we used for the flowers click here

Since I wanted to add a little dab of red and I have SOO many buttons after doing these so I added a few button flowers...and I LOVE the texture they added....and just for extra measure I added a little felt bunting.. 

 cut triangles out and hot glued them to some yarn and tied them across the wreath...love!!!

Do you all love these wreaths or what? I think I maybe addicted! I am going to start making more soon! I Also think I may sell a few??!!!
I am linking up to these parties!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Have I loved him enough...

Today as I bravely walked my precious 5 year old to school I wondered...have I loved him enough to send him off into an often unfriendly, unkind, cruel, mean world? Have I taught him how important it is to stand up for what you believe in? Have I expressed how awesome it is to be unique and not feel like you have to "be in the crowd"? Have I lead by example on being a friend? How did we get here so fast?

I am so blessed in my life to have been able to spend so much time with that precious soul! His tender spirit and loving, crazy personality have made me a better person~ I think he has taught me more than I have taught him!!

What we have been up to...

 read library books with dad
 watched baseball games
 ate sushi...
 road the T in DC
 went to museums
 were silly
 loved the butterfly exhibit
took walks with daddy
 played with cars and dolls

danced with daddy

got a super duper cool dude hair cut


lots and lots of projects

did chores

went to the library

made paper ties and wore them...


 counted down to K!!
 more books
 happy birthday to daddy
 made a contentment board!!
 made yummy cupcakes for an awesome daddy!!

made some football necklaces

 played with friends outside
went to the children's museum
 ate ice-cream

read books

had lots of friend time


 bush gardens
went crabbing 

more bush gardens

 more projects
went bowling with favorite people

cousins visited


friend times

 had LOTS of dress up time
more dancing with daddy

farmers markets

lots of driving in the car

too much time giggling 

pretended to be statues 

play time 
super cool time

good friends visited

grammy and paw paw john time

 more friend time
LOVED being in Charleston

 beach time
 GREAT friend times!!

 lots of water time

dress up time

in short we ENJOYED, LOVED, adored, treasured, traveled, visited friends, partied every second of summer!! Knowing it was that last before life got just a little bit more complicated!! Sorry for lack of blogging but that thing that is great about being a mom and blogger is the ability to pick priorities and this summer it was being a mom, wife and planner of a super fun filled summer vacation!! Hope everyone enjoyed summer!!