Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Spring is here and for a few days it felt like summer stomped it's way on it too..but now it is back to lovely 50-60 degrees! I love spring where you can where a light jacket and flip-flops but aren't sweating like crazy! To celebrate this delicious weather we have been spending as much time outside as possible! We are so lucky to be able to walk to the park!
One day as we were walking/riding to the park Eli was the line leader (the picture above) and I just stood back and watched as he rode ahead...all 6 years of his life flashed into my fast he has grown up.. I cherish every little memory! I hugged them both a little more that day, and cuddled a little longer at bedtime. A sense of profound joy flooded over me that I have such beautiful little people in my life.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

popcorn popping on the apricot tree...

So yes Spring has popped up everywhere the last few days and we are loving it!
So much more outside fun with friend! Also some allergy issues but I will take that any day over winter! A little local honey to the rescue!

We are also loving homemade popcorn~ we have been popping it on the stove top to avoid the chemicals from microwave popcorn (read for some info)...
You can either just pop on the stove top or check out this awesome blog for some fun ways to pop in brown paper bags.
Here are some recipes we have used..we are loving it!

 found here

here..this is my favorite

Have you tried any fun popcorn recipes?

Monday, March 12, 2012


It is so easy to live a life where things become a priority..I know I do it. I like new, shiny things and I have even allowed myself to think, " I NEED" or "I deserve" new, shiny things...but I don't.  This weekend the hubs and I took a long hard look at what we "need" and what are the extras in our life. We got rid of cable and and cut out some other unnecessary expenses and spent a long wonderful weekend at home with our beautiful family! These young family moments are difficult and challenging but end so quickly. Our goal is to cherish each other and focus on what matters before they grow up and leave. I actually wrote out some goals for myself .. in no particular order
1. bake more there anything better than homemade bread?? I think not
2. continue to make exercise a priority, both the hubs and I feel it's important to teach our kids by example the importance of a healthy lifestyle that includes working out..
3. continue to have daily family dinners that mainly consist of whole, unprocessed foods
4. continue to sell my amiably crafted accessories at Kitsch/etsy -until it affects my home life- right now its a good balance
5. make my kids and my amazing husband my priority...if I think about it nothing else really matters
7. continue to enjoy the wonderful friendships I have...
8. go home to West Virginia more...
9. plan a family camping trip this spring
10. take a minute to let myself be content and happy with my accomplishments
11. go on more dates with my husband
12. watch more WVU sports-i know silly-but it is something the hubs and I used to do together and I miss that.
13. continue to develop goals.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


So I have had been selling my necklaces and hair clips at a local, super trendy, all homemade store in Norfolk...Kitsch it is super cool to see my stuff in an actual store! I am loving it!! 

  It is so nice to have a creative outlet for myself! It has been challenging trying to juggle amiably Crafted with kids, work, husband and zumba! (yes zumba has become a priority) and I see myself having to let go of something sometime in the near future...but for now life is good!!

Pictures via Kitsch

I have also gotten my Etsy shop up and going! I have had 5 sales so far this month!