Monday, February 25, 2008


So we closed on our house! Thanks to all those who voted!! It was actually very easy! The new roof is going on tomorrow as long as it doesn't snow anymore! I will send pre-fix pic soon!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Eli LOVES Football!

We had been listening to the I-pod dancing and singing..a typical day! I was trying to organize our crafts when Eli heard the WVU marching band and ran out into the family room yelling, "oh yeah Football!" and he was very disappointed when he did not see football players in our house!! SO cute! I will update pics soon!

Forgive this post!!

I just need to vent a little! I truly LOVE my life, my child, my wonderful husband, and being in Pittsburgh.....BUT come on now...this snow and cold HAVE to stop! I am so cold right now I can't stand it! ( and while it is pretty I am not putting anymore pictures on my blog of the nasty stuff called SNOW!!) Because of it we can not put on our new roof, new windows, or paint our trim putting off moving in our new house!!!!! ALSO I am so tired of dealing with the mortgage lady! I am sure she is nice but...just done with it!!! Eli is actually perfect!! THANK HEAVENS! Ok I feel better!! Thanks!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Free..Free at last thank God almighty I am free at last!!

Well my mom offered, weeks ago, to keep Eli tonight so Chris and I could go out to dinner! So we dropped him off and I am just sitting here with Chris enjoying the middle of the day listening to some Norah Jones! I sat down and read a magazine!!! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY!! We are getting ready to go to the Bodies exhibit at the Science museum with friends and then go out for Sushi..ummm I am loving today!!~ but I do miss our little dude!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My darling little guy!

So we have for the most part had a pretty fun week! Since I am negative a lot about my little dude I thought I would say what a sweetheart he was today! So we went to an indoor play area, which are pretty common up north!!! and let me tell you I am such a germ-a-phob that it is a huge thing for me to take him to one!! Well,  Eli was playing so well with the other kids and having a blast! then he went up to this adorable little girl who was about one-one & a 1/2 and patted her head very softly and gave her a great big hug!! So sweet! Then he went up to a smaller baby and said, "hi baby" and patted his arm and head again soo sweet! Love the little guy! Anyway this week we also made cupcakes and he loves to help out in the kitchen~ here are some pics! 


SO I finally just sucked it up and went a got my hair cut and colored! And MAN! I don't know what it is about having your hair cut that just makes you feel soo much better but it does! You walk into the salon feeling old, ugly, fat and boring and 2 hours later you walk out feeling vaavavoom!! (even if you will NEVER be able to replicate the way she/he styled your hair, for those few hours afterwards you walk on cloud 9! )
We have had a horrible week of weather here  and we have pretty much been stuck in the house!! So yesterday I was going a little crazy as was Eli so we went and played in the snow and walked down the grocery store.  The store isn't far but it is down a pretty steep hill, now during the spring and summer I would run the hill so I am used to it.  Well...getting to the store was fine and actually safer than the idiots that tried to drive down it! So we went to the grocery store, the bakery and Eli had a yummy cookie! So we started up the hill!!!!! So it was going well I had invested in a wonderful jogging stroller last year that is a beast so we where tearing through that snow until Eli decided he just didn't want to wear his mittens or gloves anymore! So he took them off and threw them out the stroller..ok so we are about 15mins past naptime! so I tried to put my mittens on him while I wore my gloves and that wasn't ok, he threw those out too!! Then he started to whine because his hands were cold..duhh kid. So we were only a couple of yards from home and he is miserable because his hands are cold and it starts to snow again not the pretty white fluffy stuff but the cold wet stuff! So I put the cover over the stroller to keep the snow out, but he wants me to hold his hands so I am pushing this stroller up a hill covered in slush holding his hand.. fun times! But I do have to give credit to Mt. Lebanon snow removal ability! they are wonderful! And they always make sure to clear the sidewalks too! Well we made it home without any frostbite! after some hot chocolate and sitting in front of the fire reading books all was forgotten!! 
p.s. our Valentines will be late...haven't been able to make it to the post office this week! sorry all!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

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Happy Days!

I just have to tell you how much I enjoy being a mom....most days!! I love his hugs, smiles, the way he smells and especially his sweet little voice! But there are days when he has little enduring characteristics..take today for example. We were finishing up our Valentines to send out and having such a wonderful time! Then it happened....Eli had been using the (washable) makers and adding his mark on the Valentines when he decided it was more fun to take the lid off and slam the marker down on the paper totally ruining the I tried not to be OCD about the situation and let it go once, then it continued and I calmly explained that these were not toys and if he continued to do that he would not be able to use them anymore...well that "pissed" him off, and this kid has some kind of temper! And he took the marker and very forcefully opened the lid, hitting himself in the face...I really tried not to then it was over he got off his chair and stopped to his room all the way screaming and tears pouring down his face.  Once in his room he threw himself onto the floor crying,"mommy." So I went in there to comfort him and he just sat up and folded his arms pouting!! WOW eventually he calmed down and I held him and we read books and cuddled the rest of the afternoon! 

Ok one more!

Sooo we moved up to Pittsburgh last summer not having sold our house in Charleston SC so we decided to move into an apartment, since the market was so bad we signed a year lease because we could save a little more $$$! WELL we ended up selling our house just a few months after we moved up here and you CANT break you lease! So our lease is up in May and we just bought a house!! We are soo excited to be getting out of our apartment, although it is a VERY nice three bedroom huge apartment we are so thrilled about owning our own home again! I will add more about the house later!

I am an idiot!

Ok so I found this great website that has WONDERFUL!! templates for your blog so I decided to try it out and DELETED everything on my blog! So I have spent most of the morning trying to fix it, but I am feeling guilty now and need to go play, "vuurmm vouurrrm" with my adorable child!

Check out my Slide Show!

Check out my Slide Show!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My little helper!!

I was trying to do some housework today and Eli had just been soo clingy!!!! So we played cars and got out some drums and I tried my best to keep him occupied so I could do the lovely "housewife chores" haha- well the phone rang and I ran to answer it and when I came back to finish cleaning the bathroom Eli had gotten the toilet brush out from under the sink and had started to clean the toilet! He continued to be my little cleaning buddy all day! He helped me wash dishes, change laundry loads, dust and vacuum! I have learned his secret! HE LOVES A CLEAN HOME!! 


So my poor little buddy had a rough Friday! I guess he had a mild virus last week and left him with a stiff neck! He was in such pain and agony on Friday morning I worried about meningitis and all other ridiculous things....I blame that on being a pediatric nurse practitioner! we took him to the pediatrician who is literally right down the street! She examined him and said that the virus had caused his neck to become contracted and motrin and TLC would cure it!! He was so cute with his little stiff neck!! 

Saturday, February 2, 2008


So one of the life changes I discussed earlier is I am going back to work two afternoons a week! I AM SOOOOO excited about it! I am going back to work as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in the Peds ER at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh! I am hopefully starting in March if we can get childcare situated and my clearances completed! So I have started the interview process for a nanny! Since we only need a couple hours a day twice a week, we have also discussed  nursery school options! We are going to visit some on Tuesday, I will keep you informed! I have interview a couple nannies so far and it has been so what frustrating! But let me tell you there is $$ in being a good nanny!! 

Happy February!

Ok so I have this wonderfully creative friend/Aunt Jolene !! She has changed her blog colors to fit the closest holiday and I so loved the idea I copied it!! I LOOOVE pink so I totally love this month! Eli and I have been working on our Valentines and I will preview soon! Ok so let me first clear up any misconceptions I AM NOT PREGNANT!! and we also are NOT trying to be pregnant! We are having a wonderful time with Eli and enjoy him so much right now that we are just taking it easy!! We do want more just not right now! We have several other life changes right now and I don't want to rush trying for #2!