Thursday, January 31, 2008


We are so excited Eli is finally really talking! It is so fun to hear his little sweet voice tell you what he wants! is also somewhat of a frustration! It is amazing how, "juice" can sound like "two" or "choo-choo" and how "show" can sound like "nose" and so on! So we are caught in a daily battle of, "do you want this? how about that?" and his"no..mommy" response. It is actually very sweet to here him try so hard to explain what he wants to me.  I have been trying so hard this week to enjoy the little things with him, because before I know it he will be in school or we will have another little one needing my attention! 

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Content & contained toddler!

So as you all know Eli being 2 has been challenging for me! I am sure that he is having a hard time and is completly frustrated with me for not understanding what he is trying so hard to communicate! But we are learning! And my sanity has needed help! So we have started with a daily art project! And they have been wonderful! Although I supervise closely, I can still sit there and look through a magazine or unload the dishwasher with a whining growth on my leg! Here are some we tried! 

Loosing flab!

Ok so it has now been 2 years since Eli's birth and I still have about 10-12 lbs to loose! I have finally bit the bullet and hired a personal trainer! I started today and let me tell was great! I am so excited to start working out and finally loosing these extra lbs just before we start for number 2!! oh well at least  I can go into a pregnancy looking good, and be able to maintain during pregnancy...we can hope! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Terrible twos!

OH the glorious 2 year old! I swear everyone told me about how brutal 2 and 3 are, but I choose to laugh them off, thinking wow what are these mothers doing wrong, because my child is close to perfect! I must just be that great of a mom....but we have now hit REALLY being 2! We did have almost a month of being two that was just great...but this week...if you know of anyone buying 2 year old boys I have one for sale...ok not really but..... Ok so this all started on Sunday when we went to the Science museum as a family and Eli decided he was not ready to leave...he old self would have happily sad,"bye-bye fish..bye-bye choo-choo's" held our hand and walked out..but this new creature that has taken over my sweet baby boy said, "NOOOOOO" and threw him self down on the floor kicking and screaming.. I was mortified, and we all have been the bystanders to this when you just look and are appalled at how some parents let their kids behave! And this was 2 one 1 parenting, and we had to put his coat on before we could walk out into the 10 degree weather...although I was sure it was over 100 degrees in that museum! So we get him to calm down and I just chalk it up to being tired. Then Yesterday came....AHH I am still not recovered.  He-being the creature that has eaten my sweet child, took out every piece of clothing out of every dresser we have, while I was trying to deal with the toilet over flowing from being a parking lot for an ambulance...I knew I was in trouble yesterday when I heard, "ohh noo mom, bus..oh no" and I tell you I was not more than two feet away from him when this all went down! So after several other episodes I choose to leave my mess of a home and do something for me so I don't loose I go and join the gym just to find out daycare has closed for the day, since it was a holiday-of course. So we went to the grocery store and he was bribed with a cookie and did fairly well, until he got away from me and started to run down the isle until he fell and hurt this head, causing him to scream in a way that I am sure many people thought I pushed him...and let me tell you how difficult it is to show compassion to the creature that for two days has caused to wish you were working 14hour days in a sweat shop...because that surely had to be easier than being a mom to this creature! I am sure that I am being punished for being so judgmental before I had a child! I tell you I try and be a good mom, but some things are out of our control! I could go on, but at the end of the day once we were done with dinner-which was a great creation of pizza ordered out-because the thought of cooking yesterday almost made me cry, but after bath time and story-time that sweet little boy of mine came back and laid his head on mine and said love you mommy and gave me a kiss... I think I'll keep him....and then he woke up today!! 

Monday, January 21, 2008


We went to go see Seaseme Street Live! It was fun! Eli LOVED IT! He actually sat there and clapped and laughed and we just had a wonderful family night! 

The Random warm day in Pittsburh

We had a wonderfully sunny and warm day here this month, and boy did we take ADVANTAGE! We went to the park, the zoo and took walks! But we know it isn't going to last and it is probably more sad too think that it means Winter really hasn't started yet! We aren't is South Carolina anymore! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So what is the secret to getting your child to eat meat??
and as you can see from the videos I posted I am not the only mother to have thought of this! And yes he is eating chicken and GRAPES with his ketchup!! UMM

My two mountaineers!


Lets go Mountaineers!!

Eli, our little mountaineer, who has slept wonderfully throughout the night for over a year now, just decided to wake up right after the Fiesta bowl game started and help cheer our team to victory!! 

"Simplicity is the glory of Expression" Walt Whitman

We had just come home from Sam's Club and I was putting away the water and found a surprise! Eli had used the box as a parking garage for his cars! So I made him a garage out of the green bean box...He played with it FOR HOURS!!!! It is truly the simple things!