Saturday, April 28, 2012

Strawberry picking with friends..

We went strawberry picking today and it was so much fun!! The kids loved running up and down trying to find that perfect strawberry.. and of course stopping to taste test..

 we ate A LOT of yummy strawberries
 they were amazing

 such fun friends!
 Here is the first usage of our strawberries..
on to strawberry jam and strawberry shortcake! Happy Saturday!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weeknights are often crazy hectic at our house. They tend to be a rush of homework, that last intese burst of energy to whining, crying and exhaustion (on my behalf:)) and dinner just seems to muddle up the craziness even more! I am a huge believer in family meals and whole food meals..but often don't have a lot of time or energy to whip it up! I have put a lot of thought into this and here are a few options we have been trying to reach our healthy, whole foods goal without a tons of mess and time!

1. Gotta love Trader Joe's pre packaged whole wheat pizza dough... we usually have pizza or calzones once a week.. topped with TJ organic tomato sauce seasoned and thickened, pepperoni, cheese and other veggies laying around. I side pizza with a large salad and tons of fruits - esp this time of year.
2. Whole wheat pasta with organic pasta sauce and organic turkey meatballs with fresh steamed broccoli that's a fav of mine right now!
3. Now that it is summer-like we have started grilling!!WAHOO the clean up is GREAT! We do a lot of Grilled grass fed, free range chicken and tri-tip lately! With some grilled asparagus and salad! yumm

Its challenging to find foods everyone will eat and enjoy that are healthy..but it is so wonderful to sit down to a yummy and healthy meal with the family and chat about the day...without having a huge mess to clean up!! - But I also have a husband who cleans the kitchen!!:)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shared spaces...

So due to some family changes coming up in the next month we are tossing around the idea of E and M sharing a room... I shared a room with one sibling or another for the majority of years I lived at home.. and I always enjoyed it... here are some thoughts of room ideas...

great fabric for window treatments

how sweet is this fox to accompany the bunny
    fabric clouds.. awesome maybe a few fabric or painted trees

The live in peace sign is the inspiration for the room both in color and theme, although I want to change from birdy to bunny... all pictures can be found on my pintrest page