Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Potty training!

So we are potty training..are attempting! Eli has gone pee..once but that is as far as we have gotten! I am not super stressed about it, BUT he will poop and then remove his clothes and diaper...so you have to stay on top of him when you suspect he is pooping! So I might loose me mind during this process but we are going to keep trying!!


Amanda said...

Good job Eli! For peeing in the toilet! I should start Hayden potty training soon but I don't know, he doesn't even like to touch the toilet. Good Luck!!

Jolene Warren said...

OK.... posting your kid on the pot is absolutely HILARIOUS!!!hahahahahahahaha! And yes, you will lose your mind a few times during the process, but you will be so grateful when all you have to do is wash laundry instead of changing it! Good-Luck to you guys!