Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sorry for the delay!

So the Jackson Family is alive and doing very well!! We had a rough winter up in Pittsburgh due to tons of snow and a very challenging pregnancy! I have 7 weeks left and am feeling much better but now ready to be done!! We went on vacation to Florida in March and had a wonderful time. Eli has grown in leaps and bounds since his birthday in January! He amazes me everyday with how much he learns and (usually) how sweet he is! The child is VERY observant and picks EVERYTHING up! His new wonderful observation is hearing the word "freakin" and now feels the need to use it....I pondered on sharing this but I don't want to forget and today I am using this as my journal entry. Eli has been wanting me to rock him at night or cuddle with him, the other night he came down stairs after tucked into bed and asked if I would cuddle with him, so I laid in bed with him for a few minutes and he kept putting his fingers on my face poking me with his toes and obviously not cuddling! So I told him goodnight and I would see him in the AM, I started to walk out of the room and he stood up in bed pointed his little finger and said, "you get back in this freakin bed right now!!" I was shocked and very upset so we discussed not using that word and put him to bed. He has used it 2-3 more times I am hoping not making a big deal with help him grow out of the word! Ahh parenting...We have been struggling with potty training and we are just taking a break from pooping in the potty for a few more weeks because he just DOES NOT want too! As a pediatrician once told me no child has gone to college in diapers! it will happen! Well that is us in a quick nut shell... hopefully I will continue regular posts once baby Mia is here!!

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