Friday, August 21, 2009

Beautiful Baby Mia is here!

We are so happy to have added such a sweet baby to the Jackson family! She was born August 14th at 8:17am! She weighed 7lb 11oz and was 20 3/4 inches long! PERFECT! We are adjusting to life of a family of 4 but have enjoyed having so much help from our families! Eli adores his sister and loves holding her and is amazed by her little toes and fingers! He has even shared his "green bubik" with her and anyone who knows Eli knows how special that is to him!!!! Here is a video of the first time Eli met Mia! So sweet!


Yvonne/mom/grammy said...

Eli, I can see you love your baby sister and are going to be a great big brother! You looked so happy with Mia in the pictures and I know you are in a happy, bigger family. I hope to see you and Mia soon. Love Grammy

Jolene Warren said...

Ami, did I tell you that Morgan loved holding Brittany sooo much that one time when Britt was napping in her bassinet, Morgan took her out to hold her. Britt started crying, so Morgan dropped her and ran like hell to hide! It was soooo scary then, but waaaayyy tooo funny to think about now! They are gonna be great buddies!