Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mia is 3 months!

So my baby is 3months old! She continues to add joy and wonder to the Jackson family! Eli adores her and loves to hold her! He doesn't seem to show any anger or animosity towards having a new addition, except he might kiss her just slightly too hard, or push her swing a little too fast! At her 2month appointment she was 11 lbs 5oz 75%! She was 95% for length..but so was Eli at this age and has now rounded into the 50% we are not destined for tall children...adorable but not tall! This weekend was unseasonably warm for Pittsburgh and we played all weekend outside! Mia was able to feel the grass on her adorable little toes for the first time and loved it! I can't wait to take her to the beach and she can touch the sand, she is my daughter so I know she will love it!

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Yvonne/mom/grammy said...

Mia - What big eyes you have little cutie. Love, Grammy