Thursday, January 7, 2010

Waldron Family Christmas

We started a new tradition this year of baking cookies with all the sisters...we had a wonderful time! Everyone was there except Jessica, and we missed her! The boys had a great time eating the cookies and just having cousin time! We will continue this next year! The cookies were yumm! Christmas Eve was again a wonderful CRAZY night filled with fun favorite will always be "Freakn monster robot!" I love my family and am so thankful we live close enough to spend holidays there! So when we have several feet of snow it is soo cold I don't even want to look outside I remember these memories and remember why we live here!! Pictures to follow!

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Amanda said...

Mom says "why only Waldron sister?" hehe. She wants everyone to know she was there and also contributed to the cookie count. We love your slide show and we loved making the memories along with you!! Love you so much!