Friday, January 6, 2012

He is 6..

6 years ago today I was anxiously awaiting his arrival.. I arrived at the hospital for my scheduled induction..and waited...until 8:04pm when he came...this perfectly beautiful wonderful little boy...we named him Eli Christopher. The name Eli comes from the Hebrew origin. In Hebrew The meaning of the name Eli is: High, ascended, or 'my God'. He is a wonderful blessing in our lives. He may be the sweetest soul I know, very honest and genuion, he loves to play and be silly but he wants everyone to be happy. His preschool teacher told me a few years ago that she had never had another preschooler who developed such strong connections with other children...he always has best friends who he loves and talks about all the time! He is an adorably sweet big brother and is constantly trying to do things for Mia. He has been getting her dressed every morning this week! And the immagination of this adorable child...precious. Today as we were packing up his cookies to take to school he was pretending he was Aniken Skywalker, before he became Darth Vader and he was being helpful and sweet and then he stopped what he was doing and said, "I have a wonderful idea...I am going to become naughty and change my name to Darth Vader." So immediately he went into character...Happy 6th to my wonderful Eli!

Happy Birthday sweet, sweet boy..I can't even begin to express the joy you have brought your family..we love you..


the irelands said...

Oh Ami, I can't believe it, he is growing so fast! They get to be big boys so quickly and it is so fun watching them grow up but breaks your heart knowing that's one less year before they are all grown. I really wish we could've seen you this week! I miss you so much...started a pinterest account and am "following you" I need to get it together and order som bows of yours for Lily! Love Jennifer

Waldron Family said...

this is the sweetest post on Eli! It truly describes the wonderful boy that he was born to be. I love being with him - he became connected to my heart the moment I saw him enter into the world. Thanks for being a good mommy to this wonderful bright sensitive creative boy. I love watching him grow. love you to and Eli. xoxo mom-mom