Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weeknights are often crazy hectic at our house. They tend to be a rush of homework, that last intese burst of energy to whining, crying and exhaustion (on my behalf:)) and dinner just seems to muddle up the craziness even more! I am a huge believer in family meals and whole food meals..but often don't have a lot of time or energy to whip it up! I have put a lot of thought into this and here are a few options we have been trying to reach our healthy, whole foods goal without a tons of mess and time!

1. Gotta love Trader Joe's pre packaged whole wheat pizza dough... we usually have pizza or calzones once a week.. topped with TJ organic tomato sauce seasoned and thickened, pepperoni, cheese and other veggies laying around. I side pizza with a large salad and tons of fruits - esp this time of year.
2. Whole wheat pasta with organic pasta sauce and organic turkey meatballs with fresh steamed broccoli that's a fav of mine right now!
3. Now that it is summer-like we have started grilling!!WAHOO the clean up is GREAT! We do a lot of Grilled grass fed, free range chicken and tri-tip lately! With some grilled asparagus and salad! yumm

Its challenging to find foods everyone will eat and enjoy that are healthy..but it is so wonderful to sit down to a yummy and healthy meal with the family and chat about the day...without having a huge mess to clean up!! - But I also have a husband who cleans the kitchen!!:)

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