Thursday, March 13, 2008

OK OK OK....I have been tagged and have been putting it off...I was tagged by one of my favorite people! EAch player answers the questions about themselves, at the end of the post the player tags 4 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a commet, letting them know they are tagged! Good times!
1. Where I was 10 years ago: I was in nursing school living with my good friend Jennifer, and had just started dating Chris!!
2. 5 things on my "to do list" today: 1. Gym 2. oil change 3. new curtain rods for new house 4. clean bathrooms 5. make dinner
3. Things I would do if I were a billionaire: GO SOMEWHERE WARM!! share with family! Have Chris work less so we could play more! 
4. 3 of my bad habits: somewhat of a control freak, chocolate! shopping!!
5. 5 places I have lived: Garden Grove, CA,  Huntington Beach CA, Morgantown WV, Charleston SC, Pittsburgh, PA
6. 5 jobs that I have had: Gap sales associate, RN in the neonatal ICU, RN Emergency Dept, RN the pediatric ICU, Pediatric Nurse practitioner in the Pediatric ED
7. Something most people don't know about me: I would be completely grey if I didn't color my hair?? Also I have 2 tattoos!! 
OK I sisters Rachel and Amanda, Sara and Debbie!! Enjoy!!


Jolene Warren said...

You're such a butthead! This is fun! Also, I always forget that you have two tattoos! Aaahhh, the wild days of Ami! :-) Love you girl!

Rachel said...

ok I was tagged! so what do I do??
Hi There you have been tagged! You need to go tomy blog and then copy the questions in your blog post and then tag 4 other people! Also EASTER?? Are you and Dan planning on going to moms??
I am going to moms for easter!! yes! why? so what do I do now???