Monday, July 7, 2008

My wonderful hubby!

So I have found out that I can pretty much talk my husband into doing anything..shh don't tell him I know this!! We have had this ridiculous cedar tree that was close to 30ft tall by our left side of our house and I HATE it! So This weekend I talked my husband into cutting it hand! All we had is a hand saw and when I get my mind is set! So he cut it down by hand! Then went a bough at chain saw to cut it into pieces so the trash would pick it up!! (yeah I forgot about having to do something with it after it was cut down!!)  anyway it ended up taking us all day! He was a trooper! 

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Jolene Warren said...

I don't think that he doesn't know...;-) I think that he just doesn't want to listen to you bitch! heeheee! Looks good!