Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nathan & Jessica's Wedding

So much fun to be around family at weddings...even when you spend most of the time sick in the bathroom!! So most people who know and love me know about my fun little condition called TMJ! and because nothing I do is normal, my jaw locks OPEN! Usually during extra fun times.... pharmacology final...a road trip to Savannah..when I was driving!! YUP! And the usual really nice restaurants, after you order but BEFORE the food comes! GOOD TIMES! Soooo of course as I was in the shower before my 630AM hair appointment I yawned a little too big! and my jaw stuck! So in mass ciaos I ran down my parent's home in a towel!~ are we laughing yet? Then after my wonderful husband called his dentist father and once again replace my jaw my mother gave me 800mg of motrin AND a percocet..I can not take percocets they make me vomit excessively! And so I did all day!! So if  I look a little pale in the pictures that would be why.. but hey nothing goes smoothly for the Waldrons-Jacksons! But we did have fun

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Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Oh my gosh Ami-only you!! Poor thing!! Although it was kinda funny (after the fact) stopping on the onramp to the freeway on the way to Savannah!! Chris looks like he's having all kinds of fun in that picture!