Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Im GOING to do it!

I have struggled with my last 15lbs since Miss M's delivery.. 2 yes TWO years ago.   Well that weight is comin off!! My 10 year nursing reunion is coming up in a few weeks and I am determined to START the process...come on I am a realist and realize 15 lbs is just NOT going to happen in  a few weeks...but 5- 8 can happen! I have given up drinking alcohol during the week, continue to exercise daily...yesterday I RAN..yup...and I actually enjoyed it! :) and limit what I eat, smaller portions and limit the majority of carbs....so far so good...wish me luck!

Any goals you want to work on?!


Trent & Lindz said...

I'll join you! I've had extra weight since Luke and I'm sick of it!! I started last week and so far I've lost 2 lbs. I'm just being more aware of what I eat and counting calories. There's a site called sparkpeople.com and it's been a good help for me! It pretty much tells you how many calories you should be bringing in each day to loose a certain amount of weight by a certain time (safely). Good luck!! :) You're not alone!

Jaime said...

Go Ami!! I totally need to do that, but am unwilling to discipline myself. HA!!