Thursday, January 31, 2008


We are so excited Eli is finally really talking! It is so fun to hear his little sweet voice tell you what he wants! is also somewhat of a frustration! It is amazing how, "juice" can sound like "two" or "choo-choo" and how "show" can sound like "nose" and so on! So we are caught in a daily battle of, "do you want this? how about that?" and his"no..mommy" response. It is actually very sweet to here him try so hard to explain what he wants to me.  I have been trying so hard this week to enjoy the little things with him, because before I know it he will be in school or we will have another little one needing my attention! 

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Yvonne/mom/grammy said...

Yeah!!! I can't wait to have some meaningful conversations with Eli.