Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Content & contained toddler!

So as you all know Eli being 2 has been challenging for me! I am sure that he is having a hard time and is completly frustrated with me for not understanding what he is trying so hard to communicate! But we are learning! And my sanity has needed help! So we have started with a daily art project! And they have been wonderful! Although I supervise closely, I can still sit there and look through a magazine or unload the dishwasher with a whining growth on my leg! Here are some we tried! 


Jolene Warren said...

You're such a smart good mommy!! I just want to eat him up!

amanda said...

You are too creative. I am lucky if I get my child dressed during the day.....ok maybe that is an exaggeration, but seriously, you have so many good ideas. I think I am going to try that and see how it works. Love ya

Yvonne/mom/grammy said...

I believe he is a budding artist. I miss you so much, Eli! Grammy