Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy February!

Ok so I have this wonderfully creative friend/Aunt Jolene !! She has changed her blog colors to fit the closest holiday and I so loved the idea I copied it!! I LOOOVE pink so I totally love this month! Eli and I have been working on our Valentines and I will preview soon! Ok so let me first clear up any misconceptions I AM NOT PREGNANT!! and we also are NOT trying to be pregnant! We are having a wonderful time with Eli and enjoy him so much right now that we are just taking it easy!! We do want more just not right now! We have several other life changes right now and I don't want to rush trying for #2!


Jolene Warren said...

OK..... Where in the h#ll did you get your hearts?? You always have to one up me, don't you??? :-) I LOVE your new postings, everything looks soooooo cute! Good Job!

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

You are always so crafty!!! Your page looks so nice. I can't wait to see Eli's valentines-if he has even 1/2 of your creative ability! How exciting about work...I think either way you look at it childcare's gonna be expensive-I am very pleased with our daycare though (for what it's worth!!) We do 1/2 days (which is less than 5 hours a day), somewhat of a discount for part time....good luck with all the decisions!