Monday, February 28, 2011

Make over Monday continues!!

I am so excited about my new addition to my blog!! I LOVE the weekend and Mondays are always so unwanted and hectic so I am thrilled to share some fun!! This crafty piece was inspired mainly by another amazing women, blogger, DIYr extrordanar Miss Momma! Click here for her amazing tutorial on her pom-pom necklace!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this turned out and WILL be making these for all my sister's birthday!! (shh....;})
First I cut out 5 small circles ~1.5-2 inches (I used a fabric glue bottle and drew around it 5 x) I then made a larger circle since I wanted to add something else besides pom-poms to this but still wasn't sure!! Using the felt circles as templates I cut out the same size circles out of fabric, I found the colors I needed in the remnant pile at the fabric store, ANY fabric will work I also used left over satin from the flowers for extra color. I used ~8-10 fabric circles per felt circle
Taking a fabric circle fold it up and hot glue the tip
Then place it on the felt circle, I don't think it matters where you start, I started in the middle the edge where ever.. I think I got the best results when I started in the middle but doesn't REALLY make a difference!!
It will flare out just keep adding until you can't see the felt anymore. I also trimmed some of the fabric circles once I was finished just to make it more you can see my circles are NOT perfect! (either are my nails! wow need a manicure!!) continue with all 5 pieces of felt. You can use the same color and fabric for all 5 or switch it up! That is what is fun about this!!
Then lay your finished pop-poms on another piece of felt, it must be big enough of a piece for the full finished necklace
I wasn't sure how I wanted the finished piece to look so I played with it for awhile
I finally decided on fabric flower (an extra piece I had and just wrapped it around itself ) and a satin flower I had made for the girls hair. I also found 2 old strands of pearls I NEVER wear so I added those to the necklace and FELL IN LOVE! =)
To secure the necklace hot glue each end to the back of a pom pom first, then glue it onto the larger felt, make sure that you have placement of the pom-poms or any additional pieces first since the necklace will obviously need to glued to each end pieces...ok so confusing sounding BUT SO easy! For example..since the satin flower was the end of one side I glued one end of the pearls to that felt back and then the opposite end of the pearls to the grey pom pom on the opposite it?

The pop pom with the glue with be attached to the pearls and then glued to the felt on top of the other pom poms
**important make sure if you are using multiple types of flowers to put close enough together so no felt shows through unless you like the felt showing. Then once all felt backings of flowers and pom-poms are glued to large felt piece cut around the flowers
viola! so fun! I also liked this possibility!
But wanted a splash of color! Well everyone loved the necklace and I do believe it came together nicely!


Waldron Family said...

Oh my are so amazing. So very talented it is incredible! LOVE this necklace and love it more that you made it! It was really pretty. I also loved the little girls hair bows! Good for you Ami. (or should I say, Amiable!) cute...

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

I am totally loving the flare you added--how fun and beautiful! You go girl! You have crazy crafty talent and I am loving how your necklace turned out!!! xoxo, ash