Monday, February 28, 2011

Manic Monday Makeovers!!

So I thought I would try something new this week! My brother was married this weekend to an amazing gal who I am so super excited to call my sister!! ANYhoo I have been trying to find some accessories for this event for awhile and wasn't able SOO I figured hey why don't I just DIY it?!!
SOoo that inspired my "Manic Monday Makeovers!" And it's Monday and not Thursday or Friday since this last week was just super crazy busy with the wedding and Mondays need a little more fun! I posted the links for these lovely crafts of Facebook but I will post them again here and add the pictures of what I did how they turned out! LOVE em!! I found this tutorial at Jones Designs Company, she is an amazing person and her blog is fabulous!! I am sure I will make these in EVERY color for EVERY birthday gift! Thanks for the GREAT tutorial! Here is her link
I started with some polyester satin in silver, some buttons, beads, a candle, scissors, needle and thread..
I cut out 3 squares I used a 3 inch, 2-2.5 inch and 1.5 inch square, then round the edges.. I also used a 4 inch square for several to add more petals..

Then hold the edges up to the candle and the fabric will melt inwards looking like a flower petal..beautiful
Place all the petals together I used three here...
Sew the petals together
Then sew on beads or buttons I used both and I loved them all! I then cut out two round pieces of felt and hot glued 1 piece of felt to the back of flower then measured the small elastic to Miss M's head and hot glued the elastic to the bottom of the felt and then hot glued the 2nd piece of felt over the elastic..
wahlaa...smooch! My baby niece modeling the finished product! I also hot glued them to a small alligator clips for the older girls! And Little Man E got a boutineer! ENJOY!! I also made myself a headband I just measured my own head and did it the same way as little Baby B's!!

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the irelands said...


Your creativity is so amazing...we'll definately be putting in an order for some when/if this little baby is a girl! Sounds like from some of you posts that girls seem to be more challenging than boys, is that true? You all look great!