Monday, February 14, 2011


The Jackson household had a wonderful weekend! Full of friends, fun and SANDING!! Since I have left working to stay home full time with my kids I have needed some kind of creative outlet. I have tried several things but felt blah about every endeavor! So I took a break and focused on some DIY home improvements! I tried my hand at window treatments and then decided we needed more color in our neutral home!! So....I started painting!! I have sanded painted and distressed now almost every piece of furniture I possibly can in my house!! Some of my earliest projects...SCARY!! BUT I am learning and LOVING the process!
I have been doing "research" this past few weeks (aka ogling at some AMAZING blogs) and keeping the idea on the back burner so someday when we move to my "farm":)..sustainable of course~! I will be READY for my project! Weellll.....I have an amazing neighbor/friend who has continued to be my motivator and support! She called me one day last week and said you have to come meet me!! She had stumbled upon a local lady who...well long story short this lady HAD to sell/get rid of a huge warehouse of solid wood antique furniture!!! So I packed down the truck and my little roller skate and have LOADED our 100 year old row house with furniture!!
As I start this new schizo calling I have been amazed at how much talent I am surrounded by! My brother-in-law, and both of my neighbors have provided to be extraordinary resources! And I can't fail to mention my ambassador of kwan, my paramour, my best friend my husband! (trying to think of a cleaver nickname.....any thoughts!) AnyWHO this affair is off and running! I am hoping to eventually have a new blog or just rename my current one, not yet sure the details...but stay tuned LOTS coming!


Jaime said...

Go mama!! It's exciting to have a new project!!

Jolene Warren said...

I love that you are so passionate about this! It is so wonderful to see you TRULY happy again! And I've gotta say that I love you pulling out your "big" words! LOL I can't wait to see what is going on inside of that head of yours!!!