Monday, February 21, 2011

Waiting for Patience

As I am sitting on the computer I have a full view of the mountains of furniture waiting for me to glue, sand, stain, paint, stain... FINISH!! Feeling slightly overwhelmed - and excited - about this new adventure for me. I had a tad of a setback this weekend and became easily frustrated about the decision I LEAPED into head first!!
I have ALWAYS been impulsive! I leap before I look, I fall in love with a new idea and HAVE TO DO IT NOW, regardless of anything. Hey, at 18 years old, I said I wanna go to Europe.... ok.. lets go... I have become smarter... more thoughtful, to some degree. =) I am truly excited and have wonderful advocators in my life pushing and encouraging me!!!
Today I am sitting down and making small obtainable goals to help me reach my END goal! I feel good about my impulsive leap of faith in myself and I will not let myself down!! any advice on patience with children!!! whole new post!!!

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the irelands said...

So I am totally posting on an unrelated post, but I didn't want you to think I was ignoring your request for homeschool info. Charlotte Mason seems really fun and I think you would do really well with it, especially since Eli is only in kindergarten. The only setback for me would be wondering if they were getting everything they need. We use ABEKA for language, horizons (alpha and omega publishers)for math, bob jones for history, and I can always find cool stuff @ goodwill to do extra teaching. They always have some of last years state standardized testing preparatory workbooks. Lookup yahoo groups for groups in your area and find via web the nearest homeschool convention. Those things are awesome, but you will seriously want to buy EVERYTHING there! My advice is try to get a curriculum that has everything included for that subject ( even science experiement supplies) so you're not adding 2 hours to your week shopping for supplies. If we can afford it this next year, I would love to go with Sonlight. If the kids like books, they would LOVE this! It has every weeks lesson plans prepared for you. It's still time intense but we got to read lots of novels together - which Mia would love to! Maybe you can come to the Atlanta HS expo this spring/summer and stay here. The boys could play and we could visit... all kids welcome! There are plenty of kids at the expos, but I would watch them if you wanted to take any of the classes. Let me find out when they are! I am excited about your new furniture venture...I would love to see your work, maybe buy some when we can afford it! haha Talk to you soon...God Bless Jennifer