Monday, May 16, 2011

Manic Monday Makeovers!!

Mission dis organization ... now that I am doing so much "crafty" work lately I have found I have endless piles of fabric, ribbon, ideas...and so on..and that's not even touching the lack of just an overall organization  in our home!! From toys ALL over to random piles of's making me a little bit nuts! One of our biggest problems right now is just an overall lack of space. Our home is about 100 years old and apparently they didn't need much closet space....hmmm so I don't have the traditional linen closet, or utility closet so that does put a damper on things...but I am determined to work through this and establish a bit more tidiness in my are a few beautiful crafty spaces

 From the
 from the Girl.inspired

This yellow chair is wonderful!! I love the use of fun and color with drab things like -bills- schedules

This is just ME!!! I LOVE the colors!

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Waldron Family said...

This is inspiring. I am going to continue to reference this because I have got to finish what I started a few years ago - my craft room! Thanks for the post.