Thursday, May 19, 2011

What i'm working on Wednesday!

I have been trying to post this ALL day!! Not sure what was going on but anyway!!! here is what I have been working on and AM working on this week!
 Always working on ways I a can be the BEST mommy to these two wonderful little people! This week I am working on building a home that is a haven....haven not so much lately!
 I have had this adorable magazine side table for awhile now and still haven't found the inspiration...maybe this week?
 Custom order for my sister & brother -in-law the bench was from my wonderful friend Amy!
 I've started making WVU necklaces..i am loving to be honest it has taken me a few attempts to get some I love!!

I have discovered I LOVE beads AND fabric o I am attempting to make my own necklaces to add to my necklaces!! These are two new ones to be added to my etsy shop!!
Well what have you been up to this week? Come back tomorrow for a WONDERFUL surprise!!


Jolene Warren said...

The different beading is PERFECT! It adds so much more to your necklaces!

Created Amiably said...

Thanks! I was nervous about it, but I love it too!