Thursday, July 12, 2012

the hike

One of the many things I love about West Virginia is the green lusciousness everywhere you turn, granted you pay for this beautiful scenery with lots of rainy days... the moderate green summer days  make it worth the dampness.  I love that during the summer it is still cool enough to wear a sweatshirt in the evening. I love the endless supply of lightening bugs, and I love that most of family is there.  As we hiked through the majestic Coopers Rock we explored through small caves and dared to venture off the path(for about 2 feet) and gasped at the beauty. So often we get concrete locked and fail to appreciate nature, WE WILL DO this more...I found a beautiful poem that tied up our experience nicely.  

Awaken the senses
Explore and learn
Treasure the seasons
Natures' beauty at every turn

 Climbing rocks
Walking trails
Leaves and grasses
The surface we sail

Open yourself up
Listen with your heart
Hear the wild calling
Become a whole, not part

Enjoy the majesty
Take in the sublime
Don't rush
Take time

Feel the wonder
The breeze on the air
Feel the sunlight
And be aware

Magnificent & beautiful
all coexisting
Excellence and perfection
The power of hiking

A poem by Angel Sharum

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the irelands said...

Oh, all the Waldrons have grown so much! I miss them...