Friday, July 6, 2012

Summertime makes me feel fine!

We are having a super summer here at the Jackson household! Crossing off tons of fun things from our summer list! Such as camping with cousins, farmers markets, pool, swim lessons, hiking in the woods, seeing movies, fireworks, going to the OBX with friends and family, swinging as high as we can, riding bikes, painting, making cookies, picnic at the bay with daddy, dancing!! Still tons to do but loving every minute!! 
Hope you all are enjoying summertime!


Waldron Family said...

love this post! So happy we were on your Summer "list to do"! Miss and love you all so much!

the irelands said...

We miss you all so much too! I cannot believe we have not even met Mia! Can we PLEASE plan time together? We are wanting to go to a game this fall...we need to coordinate going to the same one!