Thursday, July 5, 2012

I ran (so far away)

Finding motivation to loose this extra 10 ok 15 lbs from my youngest has be a challenge..but I can tell you every.single.possible. excuse you could ever image! Well for some reason I have finally found it! Call it being-at-the-pool-everyday-with-super-inshape-mom itis or just sick and tired of spending 20 minutes in my closets to find something to fit... I started a  personal challenge.. #30workoutsin30days, and am tracking it thorough instagram, taking pictures of my workouts daily helps me keep my focus. I am also participating in the #45milesinJuly challenge from The Haus of Girls.. It feels great to see myself accomplishing this! I feel better and make better decisions all day long when I start with a workout!! 
Tips I have found helpful:
1. proper equipment, shoes, apps on phones(not necessary-but helpful) I like being able to keep track of how long, fast and appropriate calories burned..I use the nike run app, my husband swears by the runkeeper+ app
2. do a little research and find the food the will fuel your body, just like a car we will not operate as well without proper fuel..and hydration

3. MUSIC I have found that music makes my workouts.. and everyone is motivated differently! for example I like Taio Cruz-Falling in love gets me sprinting, Nicki Minaj -Starships and Kelly Clarkson Already gone gets me started..and the MR works out best to rap and techno?!! Find your own beat and start running!! 
 4. find somewhere to run that you enjoy!! For me I enjoy running along water and what a view I have!!

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the irelands said...

U need to send me some of ur motivation girl...workin fulltime and chasing 3 babes has drained me! That's my excuse.v..not good enough right? Love u all!