Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My little helper!!

I was trying to do some housework today and Eli had just been soo clingy!!!! So we played cars and got out some drums and I tried my best to keep him occupied so I could do the lovely "housewife chores" haha- well the phone rang and I ran to answer it and when I came back to finish cleaning the bathroom Eli had gotten the toilet brush out from under the sink and had started to clean the toilet! He continued to be my little cleaning buddy all day! He helped me wash dishes, change laundry loads, dust and vacuum! I have learned his secret! HE LOVES A CLEAN HOME!! 


DANANDRACHEL27 said... cute...when I have kids I want to have a little helper too!

Jolene Warren said...

That's right Amos... teach them while they are young,..... teach them while they are young!