Friday, February 15, 2008

Free..Free at last thank God almighty I am free at last!!

Well my mom offered, weeks ago, to keep Eli tonight so Chris and I could go out to dinner! So we dropped him off and I am just sitting here with Chris enjoying the middle of the day listening to some Norah Jones! I sat down and read a magazine!!! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY!! We are getting ready to go to the Bodies exhibit at the Science museum with friends and then go out for Sushi..ummm I am loving today!!~ but I do miss our little dude!!


Jolene Warren said...

It's OK to not feel guilty about being free from your child(ren) for a few days! I LOVE my kids, but I would drop them on the nearest relatives doorstep, at the opportunity to have a break!! heehee

amanda said...

we all need time to just be a couple. I think when you get your little one back after it makes it so much easier to see how much you love them. Enjoy the time together! Love ya! call me girlie.

Waldron Family said...

We all need a break once in a while. what is the saying..."Absence makes the Heart grow fonder"... We loved having him with us. It was more than a pleasure and we are so happy you and Chris had a good time together.
Love ya