Friday, February 22, 2008

Forgive this post!!

I just need to vent a little! I truly LOVE my life, my child, my wonderful husband, and being in Pittsburgh.....BUT come on now...this snow and cold HAVE to stop! I am so cold right now I can't stand it! ( and while it is pretty I am not putting anymore pictures on my blog of the nasty stuff called SNOW!!) Because of it we can not put on our new roof, new windows, or paint our trim putting off moving in our new house!!!!! ALSO I am so tired of dealing with the mortgage lady! I am sure she is nice but...just done with it!!! Eli is actually perfect!! THANK HEAVENS! Ok I feel better!! Thanks!


Jolene Warren said...

It's OK... anytime!

grammy said...

Ami whatever you do don't look at the Charleston, SC 10-day forcast. About this time of year is when we all wish we lived somewhere warm! You had a brief vacation from winter in SC, but you are not in Kansas anymore. Sorry. Y