Thursday, February 7, 2008

I am an idiot!

Ok so I found this great website that has WONDERFUL!! templates for your blog so I decided to try it out and DELETED everything on my blog! So I have spent most of the morning trying to fix it, but I am feeling guilty now and need to go play, "vuurmm vouurrrm" with my adorable child!


amanda said...

you have to tell me where you got your templates! You are too cute. I can't believe how many posts you have added since the last time I looked, which wasn't that long ago. You put us all to shame!

Jubilant Jacksons said...

Not really I was just trying to ignore my child today! Actually he took a really good nap and left me time to blog!! If you look up above my title there is an add for templets and click on it! This~as Chris calls it~ is my therapy!!
love ya