Friday, August 27, 2010

Daily task

Today's goal is to have more compassion in my life. According to several studies the more compassion you show the higher gamma brain waves your brain makes, causing more inner peace and calmness...I know I could sure use some more calmness! I tend to be quick to judge and become annoyed and my GOAL is to try and step back and possibly view the world and people differently, possibly something else is going on with the rude check out lady at the grocery store and so one.
So I have now gotten up for the past week with Chris, but unfortunately not been able to have my 'mommy time'...since Miss Mia is also waking up with me.....but I am TRYING to appreciate the time with her since she is growing up so super fast...
TASKS for today
1. make homemade granola and perhaps some bars
2. make homemade pizza crust for our Friday night pizza and movie(pick out movie!!!)
3. buy new pot for popcorn making!
4. buy candy thermometer
5. buy big bowl for bread making popcorn
6. pick up new plants/hanging pots from lady on craigslist
7. play date at park
8. make Eli some "choco-chip" whole wheat pancakes....
wow just writing this list is making me tired...
well off to start the day...will post pictures of how the granola turns out!

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