Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekend project

So for this weekend we are attempting to make our small outdoor side yard more usable! WE want to put in a small patio right off the kitchen, plant a few plants so when I look out the kitchen window I don't shutter! Well with Miss Mia I am not sure how much we will accomplish but I have positive thoughts! IT is going to be a beautiful weekend...
I also hope to get some bread baking done, I am attempting english muffins...of course house cleaning, laundry and Chris needs some new work clothes. We also like to try and take the kids somewhere fun...hmm I may have put too much on my weekend chore list!! Oh well...I project at a time!

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Jolene Warren said...

OK, I think that an intervention is required here!! You are NOT gonna be the stay at home mom that has to compensate for not being at work!! Take a deep breath and ENJOY whatever it is that you're doing at that moment. And btw... send me your recipe for english muffins! ;0))) Love you!!!