Monday, August 23, 2010

New changes...

Well where to begin!! This year has been....a challenge...a growing period...and a wonderful time! Mia has continued to grow and amaze us with her "determination"! She is a tough cookie! She was walking at 10months and is now running to keep up with Eli. Eli adores his baby sister, although sometimes doesn't understand why she takes his toys! Eli is such a sweet soul and constantly makes us laugh! Last night he asked Chris (after dinner including broccoli) if dinner tomorrow would have broccoli, because he just loved it so much and it was so good...Chris VERY confused asked are you serious? And Eli said...NO i'm joking! What a smarty pants!!
Up until a few months ago I was working 2-3 evenings a week, Chris would rush home and I would hand the kids off and rush to work! Working at the pediatric ED was a great learning experience for me and my co-workers but it was always crazy busy and Mia is not a good sleeper so I would then try and manage our house and the kids on little to no sleep. The only saving grace was Chris he is such an amazing husband and I wouldn't have made it through without him, and the kids are great!
Pittsburgh was a hard place to live for me, I didn't ever truly find my place or that great group of friends I have been blessed to have everywhere else and winters are LONG, cold and depressing. I have missed the coast...and Chris wasn't loving his position in Pittsburgh or his horrible commute! SOOO we decided to look into a vote was for Charleston...but we are getting closer and I love being able to see the water EVERY day!! The sun shine is so therapeutic and I LOVE being home. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it....I know..who knew!!! I love being with these two special little people everyday! BUT it is also hard because to balance..mommy..wife..and I am looking into how to do that better. I have decided to keep Eli home this year and do a homeschool preschool. We have found so many wonderful friends here already and have had GREAT play-dates, so with that and soccer and our moms group I am sure we will have a wonderful school year. We have plans to go pick some fruit at our local farm and make jam and maybe some pies, we have gone to the local zoo, and of course learning about the local marine life at the OCEAN and aquarium!! I feel so happy to be able to be at home and cherish my family, it also comes with some sacrifice but so far I haven't missed anything!!

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Jaime said...

I'm so glad you're loving your new place!! Every phase has its ups and downs and challenges. I know how good it feels to find a place to belong!