Monday, August 30, 2010

Pancakes and temper-tantrums

wow it is only 750am and I am ready for a nap!! So I did again get up with Chris, made the bed when I heard miss I took a quick shower while the hubs watched Mia as she banged on the shower door, or threw herself onto the floor in absolute disgust that I didn't take her in with me...THEN Eli woke up, Mia pooped, made breakfast, cleaned up breakfast, Mia threw several more tantrums...and we are off to the grocery store!!
Mia is my challenging and dramatic child! I know that this will be an asset when she is an adult, but I worry about her teenage years!! Chris and I laugh that, thank GOD she is cute! :) I am trying to start thinking about Christmas and what we are doing for the kiddos! I am excited about it, although sad to think we will be so far from family at Christmas....I need some kind of craft project!
Eli is going to starting our preschool/homeschool curriculum in a few weeks and i still have a few things to complete, but am really excited about it. We have set up several play groups and he is in soccer and we are thinking about swimming soon.
I am loving the change in my life of just having to focus on my family and my house but at times it feels lonely or overwhelming. Being able to focus on tasks and projects helps me stay focused and feel like I am accomplishing tangible things! The Hubs was wonderful enough this weekend to take the kids to the park so I could have some alone time! It was bliss! It is amazing how much you can accomplish with a quiet house!
We are planing a trip to WV to visit family either this weekend or next. I am not sure we will be able to make it this weekend with all we have going on and that makes me sad since we will miss my bother's engagement dinner...but we will see them soon!


Jaime said...

Just so you know, you're amazing!!! You do so much!!

Waldron Family said...

love this! You are truly coming into the TRUE were born for this type of lifestyle. It is in your nature and has been since before you were born. Although you also do well at everything else you attempt to do. Your happiness is contagious!