Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cousins .. ready made friends for life

There is many things that bring us joy these days, but spending time with our cousins is the ultimate joyful experience! 

the immediate familiarness and friendship no matter the time apart

the silliness that pours out of us and causes constant smiles and laughter

fancy updos & sidewalk chalk

getting shot in the back & still laughing...

finding beauty & peace watching the rain

pure 100% acceptance & love 

regardless of all our imperfections!!
We are soo soo lucky to have so many fun family members!! 
We love you Keckley Family-thank you for inviting our craziness into your house!!


the irelands said...

Do they live close? We love our cousins...look like u all do too...with ur fam, i m sure have plenty! I noticed all the maybe baby stuff on ppinterest a couple of wks ago. Are y'all considering a 3rd?

Suzanne said...

cousins are great! that's awesome that they have them close by to play with. that butterfly shirt (swimsuit maybe?) is super cute!