Monday, July 9, 2012

hello Monday

I am going to try something new today and link with Lisa Leonard at her blog,  journey with me. She has the most wonderful blog full of beautiful pictures and eloquent her jewelry is delicious!

 hello warm weather and lots of wonderful, lazy afternoons spent at the pool. I love watching these two play together!

 hello beautiful days at the bay, we have a few more weeks before the jellies invade and we have to move to the we are eating it up!

 hello to fort making and relaxing mornings to play...

 hello running...I have missed you my old friend. I have really enjoyed this quiet time I have allowed myself..and am super thankful for my wonderful husband who is so supportive!

Hello Outer Banks!Hello 4th of July...hello spending some time with family!

Hello Grammy, we loved seeing you!

hello sneaking out for a lunch date with my favorite guy!!

hello grandpa visiting and eating lunch at our favorite restaurant on the boardwalk at the beach!! yumm

hello awesome vintage find...can't wait to see the new and improved product!

hello super yummy summer berries from our local farmers market!!

 hello to an amazing dinner out with the family, hello to super cooperative kids, hello to first dinner in um 3 years that was relaxing, yummy and super fun!!

hello beautiful heirloom tomatoes...aren't they pretty?

hello super duper yummy summertime pasta..thank you pintrest.. you can find the recipe on my here!
hello to another week, hoping its full of fun, laughter and sunshine!!


the irelands said...

LOVE all your hellos! Wish there was a hello Ireland family on there...hopefully soon!

Suzanne said...

Those tomatoes look delicious!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!