Thursday, March 10, 2011

Coffee table turned entry bench

Does everyone remember my boring, old, beat up coffee table that I then turned blue!!
This was the first piece I did that started it all. I can blame the mounds of furniture and fabric piles on this project!! Well... I have always thought the table was just too big for our living/family room space. So I moved it out into the entry way and thew together some burlap pillows
(I need to finish the bottom and add more filling...ran out last night...)
and it's a new love!! IT is such a fun splash of color and it makes me smile. I am still figuring out the wall above the table. I am thinking some old crates-turned shelf?? hmm I feel a thrift hunt coming up in my future!! Again so sorry for the horrible pictures!! I NEED A NEW CAMERA!! Anyone have a camera they love?
It's now a favorite hang out!!

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Jolene Warren said...

First off.... I am in LOVE! It looks like a magazine! I think that you've finally found your true calling!!

Second... HOW CUTE ARE YOUR KIDS???? Love. THEM!!

Jaime said...

I love it!!! Good job linking up! ;)

Jenna Lyn said...

Love the blue and those pillows!!!