Monday, March 14, 2011

Make over Monday...burlap pillows

So I am in love with burlap lately! There have been so many adorable pillows made out of this itchy, harsh stuff!! I KNOW pillows?! But YES PILLOWS!! I have added some fabric to the back for a slightly softer touch! Again forgive some of the pictures due to taking them with my iphone before my new camera!

The finished pillow~~LOVE

First I cut out the size of pillow I wanted 12 x 17 with enough for hem, 13 x 18 then I free hand drew a J you could do any number of letters, numbers, shapes WHATEVER! You could also print out a stencil template online if you aren't comfortable with free hand! Cheerleading poster making skills finally have a use!!
Then I mixed the color I wanted with a white fabric paint(sorry I don't have more pictures) But that will allow the pillow to be washed if needed. Using a foam brush I painted on the J
But first I put a piece of cardboard under so the paint didn't leak threw the burlap
I wasn't happy with the color and looking at it now the J is too far down and not centered enough, which would have still been fixable when I hemmed BUT since I did it at 10pm I WASNt at full thinking status so the J is a little to low for me BUT this was my first pillow making experience so I am happy!
I don't have any pictures of this next part, but I took both pieces of fabric, the burlap and piece of teal fabric I used for the back, laid them front to front and hemmed ~1/2 inch around leaving a small opening for the pillow insert or stuffing, then sew the pillow closed by hand.

Since I didn't like the color I made a ton of different shape fabric flowers and hot glued them on since I had already sewn my pieces together before I was certain it needed something, or else I would probably have sewn them onto the burlap and then sewn my two pieces of fabric together.
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Yvonne/mom/grammy said...

I love the pillows on the porch!!

Dominique @ Craft Couture said...

love them! Thanks for linking up.