Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Make over Monday umm Wednesday!

Sorry I am a few days late due to illness and loss of a camera.:( Over here at the Jackson household we have been in desperate need of lamps and lamp shades! I just haven't wanted to fork out the millions of dollars for them. So when I saw this fun, beautiful, exactly what I wanted lamp shade at Northwest Hospitality blog I was amazed! This is such an easy, fun, but somewhat time consuming project! So this week whileThe Hubs was working late I got started!
What you need:
LARGE bag of coffee filters
Lamp shade
hot glue gun...simple....right!

First fold the filters in half
then fold in 1/3
glue the last folds together to keep it together
Now you can do this one at a time but I found it easier to do a lot at once and the just glue them onto the lamp shade in no particular order
stand back and enjoy....isn't the light pretty


MalcomAmongTheBobs said...

I love that! I saw that one blog of yours on collages and the filter lamp, and I was kind of wondering if you would make one! hehe The effect is so cool!

Jolene said...

I love it too!! Although I am confused as to why my daughter chose, "Malcom Among The Bobs" as her blogger name!! LOL

Waldron Family said...

Ami, I can't believe the lamp shade is made out of filters. It is so pretty! I have always loved that look for a lamp shade. Lovely work yet again.