Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gallery Wall Band wagon!

So I have been loving all the blog posts lately on gallery walls and am hoping to try and make my own!! I especially love the Nesters blog post and I love her wall! The colors she uses are so calming and "pretty" without being too "pretty"
I think the chalkboard is so cleaver! It really adds a new depth to the wall and is super fun! I think WE need a chalkboard frame for our wall!!
Here is my space....
My little man is express his great concern that this wall is just too...BLAND HELP! This really isn't the best picture...but you get the idea!
Now the problem I have is it is really 2 walls and have not loved anything yet...but I think with the help of some AMazing bloggers and Pottery the ideas are starting!!
Click here for this photo I ADORE the vintage fan! I found one on Craigslist yesterday, the guy was selling it for $175!! So keeping my eyes peeled at flea markets!!
Gotta love Pottery Barn!!
From Altar'd
And I LOVE her coffee filter lamp shade!! She is just truly amazing anyways! Her furniture pieces are wonderful!! I love the combinations of picture frames, letters and other special pieces.

This is a great blog post on how to start a gallery wall! Again I love the color and mutliple items!
How do you like your walls simple? With 1 picture per wall or MANY!! I would love to hear your ideas for MY wall!!

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Waldron Family said...

I personally love the second pic because there is fun stuff and yet not too much and the wall on the other side has nothing on it so it doesn't feel overwhelming...And I love the "altar'd" pic too. Those are my two fav's.

I love the tan, blue and cream colors together~ I just may have to redo something around here!!! hee hee...
Thanks for the inspiration, but what are you doing with your old Christmas wreaths?