Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Burlap + paint = updated entry

I needed something on the wall above our new bench...so I ran across two wood shelves I had stashed away....so a little of this blue paint and some grey paint with a little glaze ...
I had the kids help me distress the wood a little ... fun

I LOVE how the brackets turned out

I liked the one shelf up right so much that I may look for another shutter or two to
line up the back?? I need some accessories to finish the shelf

JUBILANT JACKSON'S!Plus some new pillows....I am out of stuffing so I used all of my plastic trash bags that have been piling up since I keep forgetting my reusable bags at home when grocery shopping!!


Jaime said...

Fun! I love how brave you are with new projects!

Jolene Warren said...

I like it the way it is. The shelf, I mean... It keeps it a little modern and not too much. In my opinion!

You rock, btw... ;0))

Waldron Family said...

Ami, your creativity has no bonds...You do things I wouldnt' think of doing. Love the old/new shelf! You are inspiring me...I need to get busy but now I'm working all week...:( I guess you need to come and visit me and give me some ideas. love you.